Preview: Everclear’s Summerland Tour Is Coming To Austin!


Summerland Tour 2015 Preview

Cedar Park Center is hosting another great rock concert next week on July 16th. Your favorite 90’s bands-The Toadies, Everclear, Fuel, & American Hi-Fi-all on one ticket! Rolling Stone Magazine called the tour “one of the 10 hottest summer package tours”. Because it’s only one month into the tour, the bands will still be fresh and high-energy just as we would expect and have also worked out any kinks or production issues. This is the fourth year of the Summerland Tour so it must be working. They’re hitting all the Texas cities. Watch this:

Fort Worth’s The Toadies have been celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Platinum album Rubberneck with an album reissue. Everclear’s post-punk, post-grunge, indie/alternative rock jams have been steady since the 90’s from their big hits “Wonderful” about kids with arguing parents to visualizing palm trees in “Santa Monica”. Lead singer, Alexakis is pumped for the tour saying “Game on!”. Hometown buddies Fuel,(some call nu punk) released a new album last year, toured with Aerosmith in the past, and seem to never stop. American Hi-Fi is also touring for their 2014 album release. Normally super high-energy, watch their chill video with corndog costumes in “Another Perfect Day”.

The show isn’t sold out yet. The coolest part is your tickets come with an unheard of free album + free single (digital download of the 2015 Everclear album Black Is The New Black + their new single). For more details visit the Cedar Park Center Website. This week keep checking our Twitter page Austin101 for our ticket giveaway!

For more info on the tour go to Summerland Tour. Enjoy the show!

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