SPIN At Stubb’s SXSW 2016 Photo Highlights

The  Deftones were a last-minute fill-in due to ailing Ray LaMontagne and were by far the highlight of the day. In fact, it was their first SXSW appearance. Chvrches have been fest faves for some time, but Lauren Mayberry has evolved with a more dynamic stage presence and is really fun to watch. Baio was fun with a cool synth-pop vibe and Bleached, the all-girl band rocked big time. Female guitarists are huge now and these three with their crazy hair and big hair photo shots were a fun surprise. Vince Staples was supposed to headline but had to change set times due to schedule conflict, so his fan base wasn’t there and it was a lackluster set. It’s still the best party at SXSW and we loved it!

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