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Pentatonix is a Must See Show in 2016


 Formed in 2011 then winning the NBC “Sing-off” Show launched their buzzing career. The group’s popularity is blowing up around the world coming off double platinum albums. Their YouTube Channel is the 13th most subscribed channel. This talented, multi-race/gender, 2-time Grammy Winning A Cappella group is from the Dallas area-Mitch, Avi, Scott, Kirstin and Kevin. Their looks are colorful and ever evolving.

Final-5847Although they’re known for medleys & mashups, amazing covers by Justin Bieber and others and working with great artists like Beyonce, Christina Aguillera, Lindsey Sterling, Jason Derulo, Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk, the group has also started writing their own songs. According to Wikipedia Their music is defined by their own arrangement style, tight vocal harmonies, extensive vocal riffing, deep and steady vocal basslines, and a diverse range of vocal percussion and beatboxing.The bands’ name might be be related to the musical foundations of the Pentatonic Scale.

pentatonix-1024The show was a great all-ages show including screaming Tweens.Starting the night off with  “Cracked”, “NA NA NA” and “Cheerleader” (OMI Cover) their high energy never quit- finishing with their big hit “Sing”. Kevin’s solo cello piece, “Prelude from Bach Cello Suite No. 1” was suprising and gorgeous with beatbox vocals. He then played a medley with Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” and “Say Something.” which rolled into showing off their multi-lingual talents with The French song “Papaoutai” (originally by Stromae).

Pentatonix has great crowd engagement, even bringing 5 fans onstage to sit in bean bag chairs while they sang. Awesome .You can view the complete photo gallery at Austin 101 Magazine

 The group is heading next for big UK and Europe dates then coming back to the US later this year.Check out all the tour details on their site-

The Austin Set List:


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