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Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull Live! Review

by Malcom Thomas

Grammy award-winning singer Enrique Iglesias and rapper Pitbull brought some Latin heat to the city of Austin in their latest performance on their successful tour.  The show was originally scheduled for September but out of courtesy for the devastating hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico they postponed the date. Both have been involved in helping people affected (Pitbull is from Miami). These hot performers gave attendees something to be thankful for (the show was the night before Thanksgiving) and entertainment to take their minds of a difficult year in our country. This production and tour is one of the largest we’ve seen- with massive laser show, mega-lighting, and pyrotechnics. The cool graphics showing on the mega-screen added to the entire experience. See our full concert photo gallery.

Iglesias showed off his leather pants, baseball cap and combat boots and serenaded the crowd with a few of his hits. He got super close to the audience using all of the huge stage, catwalks. He even brought a fan on stage (Luis) whom he met last year at the Latin Grammys and promised him a chance to sing with him and he did. He even let him sing a song with him and share shots of Tequila on stage. Another special moment was shared when Iglesias had everyone put their lights up for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. “Texas, we will stand by you forever” – he said.

The suave and smooth Pitbull captivated the audiences’ attention with his dashing suit, sweet dance moves, and magnificent performance. He strikes killer poses and his signature smile. He always dresses high-class in a suit and works up a sweat fast. His amazing female dancers move around him all night like they are his entourage. People were definitely feeling the moment with his performed throwback hits: “Don’t Stop The Party”, “Timber”, and “I know you want me.” Pitbull paid a tribute to Austin as being the leader in innovation and listing how much it has grown since his first time visiting years ago when he performed with Bun B at SXSW. He often stopped during the show to talk, share his motivation and inspire the younger generation. He is well-known for working his way up from nothing and sharing his story. He also left a message that resonated with fans saying ‘Don’t worry about your likes and followers. Worry about being you, being a leader, and helping people.’ This will definitely be included in our “Best Shows of 2017” so check back for that on Austin101.

Although the tour ended, if you still want to catch Pitbull live in concert, he starts his Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood in January.

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