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Review: MGMT at ACL Live at the Moody Theater

by Nick Berard
Formed in 2002, MGMT released their Grammy-nominated, debut album Oracular Spectacular in 2007. This was followed by 2010’s Congratulations and 2013’s self-titled album MGMT. This show was a mix of the Connecticut duo’s roots of pop hits from their 2007 album Oracular Spectacular with a generous mix (nearly the whole album) from their latest release, Little Dark Age. Their new material feels like a synth-pop stew, steeped in a haunting vibe with spiders. Tossing 80’s pop into the future with a dark twist. They opened with the title track of their new LP “Little Dark Age”, A Pet shop boys, Thompson twins-esque tune and got deep quickly with another new track “When You Die” only to shoot back to the surface with their debut single Time to Pretend. Working through their new quirky work seems to be where they are most comfortable, coming up for air periodically with the unexpected hits from their genesis to keep the room bopping. The duo’s penchant for not staying in one place too long musically, is a welcome departure from their debut success and mid-career wanderings that can send a band scrambling back to the safety of their hits. Onward MGMT! We can’t wait to hear more! See all our photos from the concert on Austin 101.
Set List
Little Dark Age
When You Die
Time to Pretend
She Works Out Too Much
Alien Days
When You’re Small
Flash Delirium
Electric Feel
Me and Michael
The Never Ending Story
Hand It Over
Weekend Wars
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