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Review: Pink’s Beautiful Trauma Tour is One of the Best of 2018

by Jerri Starbuck

Pink is on a 2 year tour with her ‘Beautiful Trauma World  Tour’. The 40 day arena tour of 2018 began in March and stopped in Houston for two sold-out shows at Houston’s Toyota Center. Despite having to move the show last minute from Sunday to Friday due to the Houston Rockets playoff game, the crowd didn’t care. Of course she’s one of the hottest artists these days from the 2018 Grammy music awards, her SuperBowl National Anthem to her singing ‘Beautiful Trauma’ while repelling down a building in L.A. during the 2017 AMA’s. She’s a woman on fire.

final-1346(photo Jerri Starbuck)

Pink kicked off the night by entering from a super high, massive, pink&white chandelier-hanging off it, singing ‘Get This Party Started’ at the same time and not missing a beat. Wearing a sparkly, metallic catsuit with matching boots-it was a taste of what was to come. The set, stage and lighting were one for the books. With a jet-out catwalk stage she performed on a lot- getting really engaged and personal with the crowd- singing directly to people, shaking hands with eye contact, and more.

The show had major pyro that shot up from the entire length of the stage, had smoke, moving sidewalks, a large beaded bed that she swung on that lifted, and that giant chandelier and pink gas-light lamps made it look like she was strolling through old town New York.

The Performance was part Cirque de Soleil and part broadway musical, with ropes, lifts, other aerial tricks- solo and double- amazing dancers and musicians including female guitarists, back up singers. The dancers were some of the best we’ve seen- and the costumes were amazing- all pink and men in pink mesh.  At one point, the dancers were all dressed in masks & horns in a spooky forest scene which seemed like a little nod to Little Red Riding Hood as she came out wearing red hood. The scenes and themes were incredibly planned and choreographed. Unique for sure.

final-1133Towards the end of the show she did her infamous wire-peter pan style- flight on a harness doing flips around the arena several times-going super high, then low over the main floor crowd, for her hit song—-She’s incredibly strong, beautiful and fearless. It’s important to note, she was singing during the show. Even more impressive.

See the entire photo gallery from the show and be in awe of Pink and her performance.

Pink played her epic hits, “Perfect”, “Try”, “Just Like Fire”, “F***in’ Perfect”, “Raise Your Glass”, “Just Give Me a Reason'”, “Just Like a Pill”, and amazing songs from her “Beautiful Trauma”- “What About Us”, “Revenge”, “Beautiful Trauma”,”Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”, and more. “I am Here” felt especially heartwarming as the crowd really connected with it, feeling much like telling the world to accept us as we are.

We were impressed with her consistent message of unity and fighting hate. She talks and raising kids gender neutral, who are strong and feel great about themselves regardless of societal messages. She’s been vocal about here poem to daughter Willow who at 6, came home saying she was ugly. Pink briefly wondered if it was ok to kick a 6 yr old boy’s ass (joking of course to make a point). No-one, especially at that age should feel shame or ugly because someone said she looked like a boy. Her answer was this poem and powerpoint presentation and song to her daughter-“Do you see me changing my hair….changing my clothes? “No mama”, her daughter replied. “We don’t change, we help others to change”. The screen showed images of people who were different who changed the world, through music- Bowie, Prince, Elton John and more. Watch her explain it on YouTube.

We loved all the costume changes and incredible wardrobe. From a gorgeous black and pink long silk jacket, tight shiny metallic silver jumpsuit, all white for ballad, long black mystic coat to her super-chill baggy jeans and white t-shirt-. She packed so much entertainment into this 2 hours you didn’t want to get food or hit the bathroom for fear you would miss even a second of amazement.

One of the highlights of the show was her amazing cover of music legends Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. We also observed so many different kinds of people and all age groups singing every word of her songs. From 6 yr old girls wearing all pink, to middle-aged men, it didn’t matter- they all knew every word.

This is definintely a show not to miss. It will likely be in our very best shows of the year. You might be able to find tickets somewhere but don’t get your hopes up.

Set List

Get the Party Started
Beautiful Trauma
Just Like a Pill
Who Knew
Funhouse / Just a Girl
Smells Like Teen Spirit(Nirvana cover)
Just Give Me A Reason
I’m Not Dead
Just Like Fire
What About Us
For Now
I Am Here
F**kin’ Perfect
Raise Your Glass
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
So What
Glitter in the Air

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