Dan Reynold’s Love Loud Fest Concert Photos

photo credit Jerod Harris / Getty Images

Dan Reynolds has been on a mission with his Love Loud Festival in Utah. After struggling to get it off the ground in 2017, they still managed to have an amazing show (along with Neon Tree’s Tyler Glenn) with newfound support from the city and the Mormon community. The effort is based on bringing people together to understand each other and increase tolerance. After discovering that suicide rates were skyrocketing amongst young Mormons due to the church denouncing homosexuality, Reynolds wanted to do something and use his platform for good.

He’s done just that. It’s brought even more awareness to the LGBTQ community and support from Tim Cook (Apple CEO) and an AT&T sponsorship. This years fest was even bigger with stars like Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) plus Zedd, and others, and raising $1million to help suicide prevention.  His documentary on HBO, Believer, is incredible and a must see for everyone. We know next year the fest will be even bigger! What one guy can do makes our heart fill up.

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