The B52s Concert Review from San Antonio Texas

by Nick Berard_DSC2586

The B52s, dropped into the Tobin center in San Antonio for a 70 minute, 14 song, post punk, new wave revisit of their chart topping hits. “The World’s Greatest Party Band” from Athens Georgia consisting of original members Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson, and Cindy Wilson opened with the Morse-code beeps of “Planet Claire,” and the rest was, as best I could describe, an under the sea in a convertible, chasing sun flares and satellites dance party. Backed by a much younger traveling band, the three original members are showing their age but close your eyes and you would swear it was the 80’s all over again.

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The vocals are spot on, Fred’s cowbell is always in tune and the signature giddy high notes show no sign of cracking any time soon. The B 52s music stands the test of time and is as fun and fresh as it was when they threw it out there for the first time in 1979.


Planet Claire B52s July 6 1979
Mesopotamia EP
Private Idaho Wild Planet 1980
Strobe Light Wild Planet 1980
Funplex 2008
Summer of Love Bouncing off The Satellites 1986
52 Girls Bouncing off The Satellites 1986
Roam Cosmic thing 1989
Party Out of Bounds Wild Planet 1980
Dance This Mess Around B52s July 6 1979
Give Me Back My Man Wild Planet 1980
Love Shack with Low Rider verse from War Cosmic thing 1989
E 6060-842 B52s July 6 1979
E Rock Lobster B52s July 6 1979

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