Warren Haynes Gov’t Mule Summer of ’19 Concert Review

Gov’t Mule (referred to as just Mule) brought their Summer of ’19 tour to Stubb’s Austin in the heat of summer. Recently, Gov’t Mule released “Bring On The Music: Live at the Capitol Theatre”, a new concert film and audio release package.

Lots of old-school rock, jam rock, and southern rock fans were given a killer show in Austin. Despite the 100 degrees plus outdoor show at the iconic Stubb’s Amphitheater (although it was at night), most didn’t seem to care. A diverse crowd of all ages showed up- some with cowboy hats on, others in hippie-style tie-dye, and a few hipsters too.

DSC_0193Legend guitarist/vocalist Warren Haynes, a remaining member of the iconic Allman Brothers band, jammed just like old times. What first started out as just a side project W/ cofounder/bassist Allen Woody) has become a second career for Grammy-winner Haynes and the band. Haynes says they’ll continue touring if people want to hear them. He says they all still get along which is impressive.

For many of us, the night brought us back to our youth when we listened to The Allman Brothers, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Queen, CCR, and all the great bands of the 70’s. In Austin hippy style, the venue was filled with puffs of smoke throughout the night.

The set list included long songs (typical of a jam bind) and surprisingly only a couple Allman Brothers covers. The band has a big enough catalog on their own after two and a half decades together. What’s really cool is you can download the songs from the set of the show.

DSC_2633Any jam band lovers and followers of Phish, Widespread Panic, Dead and Company, Dave Matthews Band, and Moe should add Mule to their concert hit list if they haven’t already.

Opener Nikki Lane brought country music lovers to Stubb’s for a nice meld of genres. Lane has been blowing up since her SXSW debut a couple years ago. Always fun for photographers, Lane dresses in idyllic country attire and signature hats for her performances. Her unique raspy voice and style remind us of timeless country music.


Nikki Lane

See our complete photo gallery from the show on Austin 101 Magazine.

Set list

Railroad Boy
Stone Cold Rage
Thorazine Shuffle
Time to Confess
Birth of the Mule
Million Miles From Yesterday
Revolution Come, Revolution Go
Girl With No Self-Esteem
Trane (with ‘Norwegian Wood (This… more )
Eternity’s Breath (Mahavishnu Orchestra cover) (> ‘St. Stephen’ jam)
Come and Go Blues (The Allman Brothers Band cover)
World Boss
Lay Your Burden Down (with ‘Voodoo Child’ tease) (>)
Smokestack Lightning (Howlin’ Wolf cover) (> ‘Lay Your Burden Down’ reprise)
Things Ain’t What They Used to Be (Duke Ellington & His Orchestra cover) (with Gordie Johnson)
Mountain Jam (The Allman Brothers Band cover) (with Gordie Johnson)

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