Squeeze & X Brought Retro Music to Austin

by David Mccready

British band Squeeze returned to Austin with their “Difford & Tilbrook Songbook tour” that includes special guests (varies by location) They Might Be Giants, KD Tunstall, X, The Mavericks, Marshall Crenshaw, and Leon Tilbrook.

Punk rockers X opened up the night at the Paramount Theater with an explosive performance setting the tone for a night of musical prowess. X came on the scene in 1970’s and has remarkably kept the founding and original band members. Mid performance X began to encompass the use of a variety of different instruments to include: a xylophone, saxophone, and maracas; to which they were able to effortlessly blend into their existing punk-rock style.

6-xAs the performance ensued, the crowd began to grow more and more entertained and some even began leaving their seats to cheer on the band from in front of the stage. Singer, Exene Cervenka graciously complimented the Paramount Theater on their well-built acoustics before finishing off their set and thanking the fans for showing their continued support. The band gave their farewells and so began preparations for the headlining British alt/new wave band, Squeeze. 15-squeezeAs Squeeze finally set the stage, a roar of applause echoed the theater as vocalist, Glenn Tilbrook greeted the audience and instantly led the band into their opening numbers. Before the band was a large screen that displayed animated shorts in tandem with their performance. The videos highlighted depictions that resonated with that of their lyrics ranging from psychedelic intermissions to hyper lapse stop-motion shorts.

13-squeezeNearing the end of their set, Squeeze rallied the audience into singing their well-known classic hit, “Tempted” sending the crowd into a nostalgic, yet soothing sing-along. As the band began to wrap up their performance, Tilbrook cordially thanked the audience and concluded the show. Squeeze’s stunning performance shows that new wave music is still very much alive and well and continues to inspire fans who love to be taken back to the 70’s and 80’s when it launched an entire new sound.

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Big Beng
Day I Get Home
King George St.
Someone’s Heart
Is That Love
Third Rail
Goodbye Girl
If I Didn’t
Take Me

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