Our Interview With Paul Cauthen


by Denise Enriquez

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photos by Brooks Burris

How did it go last week in Denmark & Germany? Was that your first time touring in Europe? Do you have any ‘road stories’ you can share? Is there anywhere you haven’t been yet that you would like to tour?

Reception was amazing. It was our second time to Denmark and the crowd had tripled, and it was the first time to Germany and I can’t wait to go back! Road story, well, I leaned forward while doing my business on a Germany toilet (that costs €.70 to use) and set off a sensor that spins the seat cover and cleans it at the same time. Next thing I knew my back was covered in blue sanitary fluid and it literally scared the shit out of me…still can’t wait to go back. The place I would most like to visit is Tokyo, Japan.

The videos you’ve recorded for your Room 41 singles are great – especially “Cocaine Country Dancing”. Is that your own 1964 Cadillac making a cameo or is it a prop car? How long did it take you to record the video? Do you have any behind-the-scene stories you can share?

It was a loaner vehicle for the shoot, I had already off’d my ride. The video took two days to shoot. Story…the glass mirrors on my boots cut up the models I was riding the mechanical bull with, and I broke my nose on Carol, one of the model’s, knee while riding the bull with her on the back.

What are some things that are different this time around releasing “Room 41”? What’s something new you’ve learned or discovered about yourself since the time you released your second album, “Have Mercy”?

Hmm…well, people are actually paying attention. I realized if you surround yourself with a great team, from the studio to management, that waves can be made.

You’ve been quoted saying that your idea of ‘making it’ is to be able to pay your bills by making music, but what is a career milestone that would be monumental for you or a long-term goal you strive to achieve?

To be able to sell out multiple nights in venues like Red Rocks, play the Sydney Opera House, Wembley Stadium and significant venues around the world. I’m ready to go!

You’ve explained that your grandfather was a big influence on you as a child, that he stressed to you the importance of the legacy you leave – what do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?

That I was an honest, fair and hard-working musician.

This Thursday in Austin at The Belmont Hotel you’re headlining “Rock & Restock” benefitting the Central Texas Food Bank – are there any other causes/non-profits you support or feel really passionate about?

Organizations that address and support pediatric cancer.

This Friday in Dallas at The Kessler is your official album release – do you have anything special or exciting planned? Any hometown buddies or special guests joining you?

We have backing vocalist friends of mine coming in to accompany us, as well as a string section from Booker T. Washington School of Fine Arts. It’s going to be a banger of an evening.

What do you hope your fans get out of or take-away after listening to “Room 41”?

Making this record was an emotional journey for me that intertwined different places I was in life when writing these songs. I hope that those who listen can relate, recognize, and more importantly connect and find peace in knowing that we’re in this together.

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