Hot Pie Media & Chris Jagger in Austin

Chris Jagger is in town- and not just to hang with big brother Mick for Saturday’s Rolling Stones show at COTA. He’s here for Hot Pie Media’s VIP event at Austin City Limits 3Ten (downstairs and very cool) to sign books for his new autobiography, ‘Talking To Myself‘, and new album, ‘Mixing Up the Medicine‘. The book is full of personal photos and stories of growing up in the Jagger family.

Released in September, ”Mixing Up The Medicine’ is a collection of original songs that features amazing musicians and crosses many genres. The studio album was recorded during Covid with co-writer Charlie Hart (piano) at various home studio locations. Several songs were inspired from poetry by Thomas Beddoes (which makes us want to read up on him).

Courtesy of Chris Jagger Music Facebook

Check out the music video for “Anyone Seen My Heart?” (Chris featuring Mick)

If you haven’t heard about the Austin and London-based podcast network Hot Pie Media, read on.

Just launched, Hot Pie has already been creating and producing great content of music shows, daily podcasts, and more. Their epic list of partners includes ACL/KLRU Robert Walker, Chris Jagger (musician/author), John Peyton (Jagger Entertainment), Sherry Daly (Rolling Stones), David Raphael, Andy Meyer (producer).

The list of featured podcasts is mesmerizing with names like: Marcia Gay Harden, Chris Noth, Judge Reinhold, John Kay, Andy Meyer, Chris Jagger, James O’Keefe, Amy Edwards, Joe Rogan, Justin Wren, and more. Topics include everything from art, music, and poetry, to sport science, psychology, and paranormal activity.

Check out more about Chris Jagger.

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