Machine Gun Kelly Concert Review

Moody Center

Austin, Texas

We had a feeling this show would be a huge production, and we were right. The concert started with a trailer for Good Mourning, his feature film that he wrote and stars in. Tracks played “Welcome to the Black Parade” (My Chemical Romance) and helicopter sounds.

Austin 101 MGK photos

A giant helicopter started up with the chatter of a pilot talking about looking for Machine Gun Kelly MGK (aka Colson Baker). He then appeared on the massive screens from the inside of what looked like a box. The helicopter flew towards the center of the arena and the sold-out Moody Center crowd went nuts. A lid opened up, the ladder descended into the box, and out came MGK. He was holding onto the ladder as the helicopter headed towards the stage. It was a gigantic round checkerboard stage that was slanted. He unhooked himself and began singing “Maybe”. There were huge pyrotechnics and a great jam session with the other guitarist and the bassist. Biggest opening of a set we’ve seen, maybe ever.

MGK shared a new song that comes out on Friday, “More Than Life” stating we’re the first to hear it. MGK was in his signature look- black leather, mesh with neon pink hair and matching pants and boots. He rolled into fan fave “jawbreaker” next.


Giant animatronic man with a tv head appeared from behind the stage that he called the internet , stating ‘if you have dreams don’t believe what the internet tells you’. He mentioned his cat was backstage before he played title track.

Later the internet asked him who he is. He sings “el Diablo”. At the end he throws up the horns and tells the internet he is el Diablo. Then the helicopter fired and pyrotechnics fired shots at the internet. Symbolically killing the internet- a source of anxiety for many. He then sings “WWIII” (with lyrics ‘Who the fuck are you, to tell me what to do’) and “WW4″ about the zombie apocalypse”.

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A giant figure pops up and says the internet is trying to blind you. He asked “Who are you?” she answers, “I am God”. Wow. Good intro for “Emo Girl”- a great emo-sounding track about falling in love with an emo girl.

He then brings out Iann Dior to help sing, “Nothing inside” then they jumped off stage and climbed up a level. After the song they got back onstage and sang, “Fake Love”, then descended into the stake and MGK emerges alone with his acoustic guitar, wearing some of his t-shirts and sings, “Lonely”.

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After an awesome solo by a blonde female guitarist they tell the internet to do by saying F you. It then deflates and lowers behind the stage. He then played tons of his hits. On “make up sex” he brought on Blackbear to join him for it and “my exe’s best friend”. He shouted, “If this was mortal kombat this would have been a flawless victory!”

He then went into, “Sid and Nancy” that ‘reminds him of his girl’, who was sitting at the the sound stage watching the entire show.

He closed out the night with “Twin Flame”. Great way to end the set and show.

It was an amazingly huge set that lasted until midnight. We were super impressed with the mix of old and new songs, covers, and the surprise collabs, and the massive production. This will be on our Best Shows of 2022 list for sure!

Set list

Welcome to the Black Parade (My Chemical Romance song)
The Helicopter (Introduction)
born with horns (Live debut)
god save me
mainstream sellout
drunk face
concert for aliens
all I know
more than life
die in california
Till I Die
Floor 13
title track
kiss kiss
bloody valentine
roll the windows up (Live debut)
El Diablo
WW4 (Live debut)
emo girl
nothing inside (with iann dior)
Sick and Tired (iann dior cover) (with iann dior)
fake love don’t last (with iann dior)
I Think I’m OKAY
forget me too
make up sex (with blackbear)
my ex’s best friend (with blackbear)
sid & nancy
twin flame

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