Review: Legend James Taylor Returned to Austin For a Special Night

Moody Center ATX, Austin, Texas

In a gorgeous new venue at University of Texas, Moody Center, it was a peaceful night with an almost sold-out crowd of all ages. There’s no room to discuss all the amazing things James Taylor has done or the awards he’s received (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame to name a couple). We grew up listening to his epic albums, so this one was special.

One of the best All Star Bands ever collected, it’s pretty cool his son is part of the band as a singer.

JT in Austin

The set was gorgeous with amazing trees, starry night, moving lights, and video montages of musicians covering his music and of him growing up in North Carolina.

The first set kicked off with “Everyday” then rolled into many staples and hits during the evening that we all sing along to- we all know and love-know all the words, “Copperline”, “Mexico”, and later”Fire and Rain”, “Up on the Roof”, “You’ve Got a Friend”, tear-jerker “Sweet Baby James”, “Carolina in My Mind”, “How Sweet it Is”, and more.

In classic form, JT with his signature cap, told stories and made everyone laugh with his wit and sarcasm and how relatable he is. without talking politics, Taylor’s message about unity and togetherness and being kind to each other is clear. In the crazy world we live in right now, we all need some JT, the gentle soul, to relax us and tell us it’s gonna be ok.

James Taylor Austin 101

The epic songwriter can elicit emotions in a matter of seconds. We love how many Carole King songs he included in the 2 sets, almost 3 hours long and jam packed. What an amazing night.

All Star Band


Everyday (Buddy Holly cover)
That’s Why I’m Here
Walking Man
You Make It Easy
Easy as Rollin’ Off a Log (Johnnie ‘Scat’ Davis cover)
The Frozen Man
Sun on the Moon
Caroline I See You
Secret o’ Life
Traffic Jam
You’ve Got a Friend (Carole King cover)
Up on the Roof (Carole King cover)
Sweet Baby James
Only One
Carolina in My Mind
Shed a Little Light
Your Smiling Face
Fire and Rain
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) (Marvin Gaye cover)
You Can Close Your Eyes

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