Review: The Kid Laroi Put on Lit Show in Austin

Stubb’s Amphitheater, Austin, Texas

By Amelia Tapia/Christopher De la Rosa

Moments before The Kid Laroi, otherwise known as Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, steps on stage, fans are ready, phones in hand and videos rolling. Bright blue lights emerge as Howard steps onto the stage, throwing fans into a frenzy. Immediately, he begins to hype up the crowd and raise the energy for the rest of the night.

by Chris De La Rosa

During the night, Howard paid homage to Juice WRLD, who was one of his mentors and a rapper he looked up to. He screamed “long live juice” before singing “GO,” his breakout song he collabed on with the late rapper. Howard’s band matched his energy all night as they gave everything they had into the intro song and following into hits “Let Her Go”, and “Diva”. The setlist featured his biggest hits, “Stay”, “Thousand Miles”, “WITHOUT YOU”, and more.

The Kid Laroi

Towards the end of the night, he climbed up the side balcony and sang his hit ‘Stay’ whom he co-wrote with Justin Bieber (and others) that peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Kid then went to the back of the venue, climbed up on the balcony and performed “Without You” while the crowd sang along. He then returned to the main stage and ended the night with “Paris to Tokyo”.

The Kid Laroi is an amazing performer and he’s only 19 years old.

Ericdoa, Howard’s opener, was a crowd favorite and had them screaming “d.o.a” after every song. As he bounced across the stage with his DJ hyping him up every step, the crowd began to love his confident, high-energy stage presence. Ericdoa seemed to be the most fitting opener for The Kid Laroi as their stage presence is very similar. Both are in tune with the crowds’ emotions and were routinely checking up on them to see how they were doing with the sweltering heat.

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