Concert Review: Gorillaz & Damon Albarn Epic Austin Show


The MOODY CENTER hosted another heavy hitter Friday night- GORILLAZ ! Damon Albarn, a trailblazer, rolled into town all the way from London England just as Harry Styles took a break for a few days in between his 6 day concert series/residency at the very cool MOODY CENTER.
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What started off as a virtual band including fictional members of the GORILLAZ (2-D, MURDOC, NICCALS, NOODLE, and RUSSEL HOBBS) all animated characters created by Damon Albarn (formerly of BLUR) and artist JAMIE HEWLETT. GORILLAZ
became an instant sensation in 2001 with their self titled debut album which ranked #3 on the UK album charts and #14 on US Billboard 200.
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The evening started off with the opening band EARTHGANG , a hip hop duo from Atlanta Georgia. Composed of OLU and WowGr8 , These guys brought the swagger and the hip hop lyrics that could be described as soulful hip hop on a psychedelic vibe. Their stage presence was full throttle as they entertained the crowd and left them wanting more.

As the lights dimmed in the arena ,the large screen in the background popped on as if the crowd was watching a huge tv set. Next you hear a voice scream “”HELLO ,HELLO, IS ANYONE THERE?” The screen projected HELLO and the crowd reacted in wild screams of ‘hello’ back. This was our first site of the band as they walked onto the stage . ALBARN proceeded to wave hello to the crowd and the band kicked off with ‘M1A1’! The crowd went wild with excitement. That would be The first song of a long 26-song set for the evening. The candle was lit for a full night of GORILLAZ epic music and legendary props and stage show. Next song up was ‘LAST LIVING SOULS’. Damon engaged intensely and had the crowd singing along with him, “ARE WE THE LAST LIVING SOULS”?

Throughout the evening the animation of the fictional members of the band were on full display,in a larger than life backdrop screen. It was amazing to see all the videos made throughout the years along with the band on stage in perfect sync! One early surprise was seeing EARTHGANG again. They joined Gorillaz on stage for the song ‘OPIUM’.
Another amazing highlight of the night was an engagement proposal right after the song. Edward and his now fiance Carrigon, were pulled onstage in front of a SOLD OUT MOODY CENTER crowd as he proposed and she said YES! Damon wearing a pink hooded robe christened them by blowing a long-horned instrument in celebration. Definitely a feel good moment!
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The encores of the evening were ‘NEW GOLD’,and ‘STYLO’ which included ‘BOOTIE BROWN’. Then followed by ‘FEEL GOOD’ with De La Soul which had the house waving their hands and rocking. All leading up to the final song. Hit song from their debut album that sold 7 million albums (CLINT EASTWOOD) with ‘Sweetie Irie’. To say the crowd was rocking during that last song is an understatement. Simply a perfect song to end an amazing set.
Thank you GORILLAZ!

The Gorillaz band consists of Damon Albarn, Mike Smith, Jeff Wooten,Seye Adelekan,Femi Koleoso,Jessie Hacket, Kari Vanden Bossche,and the Humanz Choir. Check out their new album, Cracker Island, coming out early 2023.

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