Concert Review: Metric at Germania Amphitheater

by Diego Donamaria

Austin, Texas, Germania Amphitheater

On a very warm Austin, TX summer evening, music lovers gathered at the iconic Germania Amphitheater to witness electrifying performances by the renowned Canadian indie-rock band, Metric and the legendary co-headliners Garbage and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Metric in Austin by Diego Donamaria

Metric opened the evening with their unique blend of synth-pop, indie rock, and infectious energy. The stage came alive with vibrant lights and a pulsating beat, signaling the start of an amazing night of music. Frontwoman Emily Haines commanded the stage with her magnetic presence, captivating the audience from the very first note. Her powerful vocals, combined with her dynamic stage presence, created an immediate connection with the crowd. The band wasted no time and launched into their opening track, “Gold Guns Girls,” setting the tone for an evening filled with high-octane performances.

Metric’s performance was a perfect blend of their greatest hits and songs from their latest album, ensuring fans both old and new were entertained. Songs like “Gimme Sympathy,” “Help I’m Alive,” and of course “Black Sheep” had the crowd singing along with unapologetic enthusiasm. Each member of the band showcased their talent, with James Shaw’s expert guitar riffs and Joshua Winstead’s driving bass lines adding depth and intensity to the music.

What truly stood out was the band’s ability to create a sense of intimacy in such a vast amphitheater. Emily Haines’ introspective moments, as she poured her heart out during ballads like “Breathing Underwater” and “All Comes Crashing,” brought a profound emotional connection to the set. The stage setup, featured mesmerizing visuals and dynamic lighting, added an extra layer of depth to the overall experience, enhancing the band’s sonic journey.

Metric’s energy was infectious, spreading like wildfire throughout the crowd. As the last notes faded, it was evident that Metric’s ability to connect with their fans and create an unforgettable musical experience solidified their status as one of the most exciting and engaging live acts in the indie rock scene.

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Set list:

Gold Guns Girls
Dark Saturday
Gimme Sympathy
Help I’m Alive
All Comes Crashing
What Feels Like Eternity
Now or Never Now
Black Sheep
Breathing Underwater

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