Concert Review: Paramore in Austin

Paramore Dances, Disses (Greg Abbott), and Reminisces at Austin Show

By Ursula Rogers

by Zachary Gray

A stereotypically hot and humid Texas did not curb enthusiastic concert goers Sunday night. The sold out crowd at the Moody Center was there for Grammy Award winning band, Paramore. With opening acts, The Linda Lindas and Foals in tow, it was a night to remember. One with an introduction to the future of music and where we could embrace our nostalgia to rock out with our younger emo selves. Even vendors were part of the fun as there was a chance for fans to receive free hair dye. Long lines snaked throughout the venue with fans to purchase merchandise. I was hyped to go to the show, then became even more excited when I found myself sitting next to the parents of Paramore touring member Logan MacKenzie (synth, guitar, and native New Zealander). It was great to see them grooving and with pride in their eyes. The whole night was a 2023 highlight for me as the performers genuinely seemed to  have fun and love life.The first opening act was composed of lead Bela Salazar (age 18), Eloise Wong (age 15), sisters Lucia de la Garza (age 16) and drummer Mila de la Garza (age 12). The California based pop-punk band, The Linda Lindas, came to rock and made a statement. Though young, they’ve opened for Bikini Kill and have performed at Coachella. While I had heard their name before, my official introduction to The Linda Lindas was with the Amy Poehler directed film, Moxie. Since then, I’ve wanted to see them live. Many might know them from their song on The Claudia Kishi Club documentary called “Claudia Kishi”. Though this all girlschool-aged band released their debut album “Growing Up” recently, there is a timeless quality to their music and performance. They were described as having, “[a] ferocity of empathy of music which has made them a beacon, not just for young fans but for established artists.” They have a range of song topics including racism, gender, and cats. During their performance they shared excitement about playing music “especially with all that’s going on in the world.” They spoke specifically about legislation that has targeted Black and Indigenous people. They also stated, “we need gun control.” I couldn’t help but think these girls are bold. The  Linda Lindas’ performance reminded us of all that punk is-political -and we shouldn’t forget it.They were able to get some great crowd participation with their song “Oh”. One of my own personal highlights was their cover of “Tonite” by the Go-Gos. Their last song “Racist, Sexist Boy”, one of their most well-known songs, was inspired by treatment towards people of Asian descent during Covid. They are rock stars and I can’t wait to see where they’ll go.

by Zachary Gray

Formed in 2005, award winning band, Foals, has performed all over the world, including such festivals as Coachella and Lalapalooza. Their experience and love for music was clear in the Austin performance. Described as an “English alternative & indie rock band… combining minimalist soundscapes” Foals, comprised of frontman Yannis Philippakis, drummer Jack Bevan, rhythm guitarist Jimmy Smith, and bassist Walter Gervers make this wonderful indie, post-punk, math rock band that won me over.Their first song, “Wake Me Up” wowed the crowd. “Wake me up, I’m walking through a dream, I’m walking through the finest place I’ve ever seen.” I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s clear that I am not alone in my love for the band. They are considered one of the best live acts in the UK. During their set, they gave shout outs to Paramore and The Linda Lindas. I loved how interactive the drummer was standing on his kit several times. And in true rock star fashion, he threw his drumsticks into the crowd.One of the highlights was their song “My Number”; a song with light, poppy instrumentation giving 80s synth a modern twist. “I feel, well, I feel alive, I feel the streets are not pulling me down.” Background vocals with “ooos” added depth to the song. In May they welcomed back their original bassist Walter Gervers to the fold and it’s as if he never left. For “What Went Down”, the last song Yannis took off his guitar and really got involved with the crowd. As he poured his heart into the crowd, I could feel his passion. That’s when Foals received the loudest cheers from the crowd.  

Paramore fans were treated to a nearly 2 hour set by the high-energy band Sunday evening. That wasn’t quite enough time to capture the magnetic presence of Paramore. Moments before they stepped on stage, the crowd erupted into deafening cheers. This only added more texture to the intoxicating night of music and revelry tinged with nostalgia. Adorned with a yellow top, Paramore lead singer, Hayley Williams, knew the crowd loved her and welcomed it.As the first notes of “Last Hope”, a song from a self- titled album ten years ago played through the air, the sold out Moody Center lit up with cell phone lights. “It’s just a spark but it’s enough to keep me going, And when it’s dark out and no one’s around it keeps glowing.” This was a beautiful, serene sight to behold.Williams told everyone “pinkies up” and dedicated “Big Man, Little Dignity” to Texas Governor Greg Abbott. To say she is not a fan of Greg Abbott would be an understatement. During her encore performance Hayley Williams came out wearing a shirt saying, “Abort the Supreme Court.” While she might not love Texas politics, she loves her Texas fans. Hayley stated “we need to look out for each other.”A personal highlight was when Williams and Zac Farro performed “Liar” and “Crystal Clear” from the B Stage on a platform. As the lyrics, “oh my love, I lied to you, but you always needed the truth” rang through the venue with the lights low. I was impressed with how intimate the moment felt with the 12,000+ person crowd at the Moody Center.Zac Farro performed the song “Baby” from his band Halfnoise. It was a fun, light moment. Before “Misery Business” Hayley asked if there were any elder Emos in the crowd.  We answered with a roaring “yes”! Then she invited lucky fans Mia and Natalie on stage to sing the bridge of “Misery Business”. Of course, they didn’t have to sing alone. As with most of Paramore’s set, the Moody Center crowd participated as boisterous backup singers. At one point Hayley Williams stated, “[she] is proud of us.” And she has every right to be proud. As a longtime fan of Paramore, there is no doubt that “I’m still into [them].” I will be a fan of all the performers for a lifetime.

The Linda Lindas Setlist



Yo me estreso

Talking to Myself



Growing Up

Too Many Things


Racist, Sexist Boy

FOALS Setlist

  1. Wake Me Up
  2. Mountain at My Gates
  3. 2am
  4. My Number
  5. Spanish Sahara
  6. The Runner
  7. Inhaler
  8. What Went Down

Paramore Setlist

Note To Self (spoken word intro; original poem by Hayley Williams) A Stage

  1. You First
  2. The News
  3. That’s What You Get
  4. Playing God
  5. Caught in the Middle
  6. Rose-Colored Boy (with snippets of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston & “Genius of Love” by Tom Tom Club)
  7. Running Out of Time
  8. Decode
  9. Last Hope
  10. Big Man, Little Dignity (Dedicated to Greg Abbott once again)

B Stage Interlude

  1. Liar
  2. Crystal Clear (Hayley Williams song) (intro with elements of “Tell Me How”)


  1. Hard Times (Extended intro, with snippet of “Heart of Glass” by Blondie)
  2. Told You So
  3. Figure 8
  4. The Only Exception
  5. Baby (HalfNoise cover)
  6. Crave
  7. Misery Business (Bridge performed by fans Mia and Natalie)
  8. Ain’t It Fun


  1. Still Into You
  2. This Is Why
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