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Review: Arctic Monkeys in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

by Christopher De La Rosa

The Arctic Monkeys’ concert at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas was an absolute triumph, leaving the audience in a state of pure exhilaration.

Before the Arctic Monkeys hit the stage, the crowd was treated to an incredible opening performance by Fontaine D.C. who hail from Dublin, Ireland. They formed in 2017 and quickly gained recognition for their distinct sound and energetic performances. The band consists of members Grian Chatten (vocals), Carlos O’Connell (guitar), Conor Deegan III (bass), Conor Curley (guitar), and Tom Coll (drums). Fontaine D.C. has been praised for their unique blend of punk, post-punk, and indie rock, and they have gained a dedicated fan base, both in Ireland and internationally.

Their raw energy and captivating sound set the perfect tone for the night, building anticipation for the main act.

From the moment The Arctic Monkeys took the stage, it was clear that this was going to be an extraordinary night. The fact that the audience stood the entire time only added to the electric atmosphere, showcasing the unwavering dedication of both long-time fans and new fans alike.

They wasted no time, launching into their setlist with the explosive “Sculptures of Anything Goes,” instantly setting the crowd into a frenzy of excitement led by frontman Alex Taylor.

The setlist was a carefully crafted combination of their greatest hits and fan favorites, spanning their illustrious career. Songs like “Brianstorm,” “Snap Out of It,” and “Teddy Picker” ignited the crowd with their infectious energy and irresistible hooks. The band effortlessly transitioned from one anthem to another, keeping the energy levels soaring throughout the night.

Tracks like “Crying Lightning,” “Fireside,” and “Arabella” showcased the band’s versatility, taking the audience on a journey through different moods and emotions. The crowd sang along passionately to every word, their voices blending harmoniously with the band’s electrifying performance.

Standout moments of the night included the nostalgic and heart-wrenching rendition of “Cornerstone,” which had the entire arena swaying in unison, and the explosive delivery of “The View From the Afternoon,” igniting a sea of jumping fans. About 3/4 into their set a giant disco ball with the words “Monkeys” illuminated the entire arena, casting a mesmerizing glow that captured the essence of the Arctic Monkeys’ music.

“Knee Socks,” “Pretty Visitors,” and “Fluorescent Adolescent” had the crowd dancing and singing with unbridled enthusiasm, while “The Ultracheese” and “There’d Better Be a Mirrorball” showcased the band’s introspective side, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

The closing moments of the set were marked by the epic performance of “505” and “Do I Wanna Know?”, leaving the crowd craving more. And the band did not disappoint. Returning for an encore, they treated the audience to the irresistible melodies of “Suck It and See” and the iconic “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.” The night reached its peak with the explosive “R U Mine?”, leaving the crowd in a state of pure euphoria.

The Arctic Monkeys’ concert at the Moody Center was just one stop on their global tour, which has seen them sell out stadiums in the UK and headline Glastonbury for the third time. Their continued success is a testament to their incredible talent and the timeless appeal of their music. Their latest album, “The Car,” has garnered critical acclaim and further cemented their place in music history.

As the final notes rang out, Alex blew kisses to the adoring crowd, a poignant gesture of gratitude and appreciation. The performance was nothing short of extraordinary, and their ability to connect with the audience was truly remarkable. If you have the chance to see them live, seize it without hesitation. You won’t be disappointed.

The North American tour ends on October 1st. After that, the band will head to Mexico City for a few nights and then finish the tour in Ireland.

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Set list:

Sculptures of Anything Goes


Snap Out of It
Teddy Picker

Crying Lightning



Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

The View From the Afternoon
Knee Socks
Pretty Visitors
Fluorescent Adolescent
The Ultracheese
There’d Better Be a Mirrorball
Do I Wanna Know?

Body Paint


Suck It and See
I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
R U Mine?

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