Review: Lukas Nelson’s Enthusiastic Sold Out ACL Live Show

Lukas Nelson Received an Enthusiastic Reception and an “Alcohallelujah” from Austin Crowd

By S. Pulse

Not all the concert action in Austin was at Zilker Park last week. A lucky group of music revelers rejoiced to the sounds of Lukas Nelson and his band The Promise of the Real (POTR) as they performed for a sold-out house at ACL Live Moody Theater Friday night. High energy and a tendency to improvise are earmarks of their shows. It’s that vivacity that makes the live performances of Lukas Nelson and the POTR even better than the incredible music they lay down in the studio. Judging by the raucous crowd on the floor that danced and sang-along, their Austin show was no exception.

Over a third of the songs performed Friday were from Lukas Nelson’s recently released album “Sticks and Stones”. The album is largely an upbeat, honky-tonk infused set of feel-good story-based songs. Songs showcased from the new album included the gospel-tinged single “Alcohallelujah”, the country-infused and hysterically funny “Wrong House”, and the danceable “Icarus”. The album also includes “Every Time I Drink”, a song that, when Nelson performs live, he draws out the word “time” while showcasing the Willie-esque pipes he inherited from his father. We highly recommend you add this album to your next road trip as its heavy dose of levity and driving beats pair well with the open road.

The latest album is a notable variation from their introspective and melodic 2021 album “A Few Stars Apart” a collection that features many heartstring-pulling tunes that touch one’s soul. In Austin, the band performed the song “Giving You Away” from that album. Nelson noted that it is quickly becoming a wedding classic. Featuring the lyrics, “I’m giving you away, but I’m never gonna let you go”, we see why it is quickly earning its spot as a go-to tune for the traditional father-daughter dance. Pass me a tissue!

Check out all our concert photos of the show on Austin 101.

Other highlights of the night included performances of the power ballad “Find Yourself”, the lament-filled “(Forget About) Georgia”, and local favorite, “Just Outside of Austin”. See the full set list below.

While Nelson and his remarkable vocals earn a lot of attention, props should also be given to the POTR. They tour with Neil Young and, along with Lukas Nelson, supported Bradley Cooper in the film “A Star is Born”. On Friday night, their talent shined brightly. POTR multi-instrumentalist Logan Metz amazed the crowd with a classical-rooted, cascading piano introduction to “If I Didn’t Love You”. Metz also started off the song “Set Me Down on a Cloud” with an organ-based “call to church” that silenced even the most beer-infused concert attendees. Bassist Corey McCormick traded licks with Nelson while they did a lively Chuck Berry duck walk. Other members of POTR include Anthony LoGerfo on drums, and Tato Melgar on percussion. They seemed to genuinely enjoy performing together and the crowd appreciated their skills.

Nelson’s tour continues through the rest of the year.


  1. Entirely Different Stars
  2. Sticks and Stones
  3. Every Time I Drink
  4. Fool Me Once
  5. If I Didn’t Love You
  6. Four Letter Word
  7. (Forget About) Georgia
  8. Icarus
  9. Carolina
  10. Die Alo
  11. Alcohallelujah
  12. Set Me Down on a Cloud
  13. The View
  14. Just Outside of Austin
  15. More Than We Can Handle
  16. Giving You Away
  17. Wrong House
  18. Ladder of Love
  19. Bloody Mary Monday (Cover: by Willie Nelson)
  20. Find Yourself
  21. All Four Winds
  22. Something Real
  23. All the Pretty Horses
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