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  • Legendary Beatles Icon Ringo Starr Brings His All-Starr Band to Austin

    This epic Beatle brought his motto and Peace and Love message to Austin’s ACL Live at a time when we need it most. Ringo (77) personally looks fitter than ever and lives a healthy lifestyle to support continuing to do what he loves, touring. Ringo told people magazine recently “The playing is what it’s all about. That’s why I’m touring, that’s why I make records. That’s why I play with a lot of the people who ask me. I just love to play. I’m in a profession and a position where I can just play for as long as I can. As long as I can hold the sticks! That’s what it’s all about.”

    final-7172This is the 12th Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band tour which began in 1989 and this one has been his longest stable group. The band features multi-instrumentalist Todd Rundgren, guitarist Steve Lukather (Toto), singer Richard Page (Mr. Mister), keyboardist Gregg Rolie (Santana), and drummer Gregg Bissonette. This supergroup has had members changing often and includes John Mayer, Joe Walsh, (both currently on their own tours) and others.

    See our full Photo Gallery from ACL Live in Austin, Texas.

    Dressed in his standard stylish all-black ensemble of fine, fun hipster skinny pants, embellished skull t-shirt, shiny jacket, glasses, earring and cool shoes. On an extra special Halloween-night concert, we were entertained by fun costumes in the first song, “Matchbox”. The night not only included memorable sing-along Beatles songs like “Yellow Submarine”, “Photograph” and “I Wanna Be Your Man” but successful hit songs from all the other bands including : “Rosanna”, “Bang the Drum All Day”, and “Black Magic Woman”. Although a few audience members might have been slightly disappointed and didn’t understand they would not be hearing a complete list of only Beatles songs during the set, the night was memorable. He created an intimate mood by talking directly to several fans and bringing up kids on stage during the night.

    final-6907The set was filled with fun Halloween decor, lights and cool videos. although at times super quirky (he co-wrote many of the silly songs for The Beatles), he also references political injustice through his videos of war. Ringo is incredibly generous on stage allowing the spotlight for his supergroup band mates all throughout the show. Ringo started the set by singing at the mic for three songs, then later rotated from the drum-set, to the keyboard, to the mic. He often shared stories from Beatles times and joking, “I wrote many songs, but this one we recorded!” Even today, he says things like ‘far out’ that bring us right back to the 60’s. He fulfilled his goal of bringing the mood up in all the venues he plays. There’s no shortage of screaming girls, even today, and various references to his ego which we forgive instantly.

    For some interesting Texas-worthy notes, according to ultimateclassicrock.com, Ringo (then Starkey) originally played with the band Raving Texans, a backing band for local singer Rory Storm that evolved into the Hurricanes. It’s been said, Starr has always had a love of country music.

    Ringo’s solo career has been one of the longest successful runs, since the 1970’s. Long overdue in 2015, Starr was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The only thing that could top this show, is seeing him play together on stage with Sir Paul McCartney. Fingers crossed.

    ACL Setlist

    (Carl Perkins cover)
    Play Video
    It Don’t Come Easy
    (Ringo Starr song)
    Play Video
    What Goes On
    (The Beatles cover)
    Play Video
    I Saw the Light
    (Todd Rundgren cover)
    Play Video
    Evil Ways
    (Willie Bobo cover)
    Play Video
    (Toto cover)
    Play Video
    (Mr. Mister cover)
    Play Video
    Bang the Drum All Day
    (Todd Rundgren cover)
    Play Video
    (The Shirelles cover)
    Play Video
    Don’t Pass Me By
    (The Beatles cover)
    Play Video
    Yellow Submarine
    (The Beatles cover)
    Play Video
    Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
    (Santana cover)
    Play Video
    You’re Sixteen
    (Johnny Burnette cover)
    Play Video
    Back Off Boogaloo
    (Ringo Starr song)
    Play Video
    You Are Mine
    (Richard Page cover)
    Play Video
    (Toto cover)
    Play Video
    Oye como va
    (Tito Puente cover)
    Play Video
    I Wanna Be Your Man
    (The Beatles cover)
    Play Video
    Love Is the Answer
    (Utopia cover)
    Play Video
    Broken Wings
    (Mr. Mister cover)
    Play Video
    Hold the Line
    (Toto cover)
    Play Video
    (Ringo Starr song)
    Play Video
    Act Naturally
    (Buck Owens cover)
    Play Video
    With a Little Help From My Friends
    (The Beatles cover) (with “Give Peace a Chance”… more )


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  • The Weekn’d’s Starboy Tour Could be the Best of 2017

    Canadian pop/soul/hip-hop mega-star The Weeknd is getting close to the end of his epic Starboy 2017 tour but is still fully energized. He’s been touring the world for most of the year and will finish up in New Zealand & Australia (not a bad place to be in winter). The Weeknd’s Starboy LP debuted at Number One on the Billboard 200 with the third largest opening sales week of any album in 2016. Five singles hit the top 20 on the Hot 100 Billboard list.


    This show brought a huge set- an incredible stage and mega-production. Probably the biggest show of the year. From the StarWars-like spaceship that covered the entire catwalk and lifted to reveal the Starboy emerging from below stage in dry-ice clouds and purple hologram-style laser lights that beamed in the shape of a cone.20171019_214911

    For most of the show he hung out at the end of the long cat-walk stage which delighted all the fans that had floor seats. He touched hands and gave high-fives. Although the show and production was huge, he made it quite personal and intimate. The band stayed on the main area of the stage. The entire concert was an elaborate light show and the sound was perfect. This epic show will be included in our forthcoming ‘Best Shows of 2017’ along with Ed Sheeran, U2, and others.

    View our complete photo gallery

    DCKwdRNUAAAMCThThe set list included songs, from ballads like “Angel” to poppy opener, big hit “Starboy”, saving several top hits to the end of the set- “Can’t feel my face” and “I feel it coming”. He played a huge set in under two hours, bringing openers Nav and French Montana back on to jam with him. This starboy seems to be sincere, caring, and humble. With stardom at such a young age, we can only hope his bright light won’t burn out too soon.


    Party Monster
    Six Feet Under
    Low Life
    Might Not (Belly cover)
    Crew Love(Drake cover)
    Or Nah (Ty Dolla $ign cover)
    Some Way (Nav cover) (with NAV)
    Tell Your Friends / Die for You
    The Morning
    Wicked Games
    Earned It
    In the Night
    Unforgettable (French Montana cover) (with French Montana)
    Secrets / Can’t Feel My Face
    I Feel It Coming
    The Hills


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  • Arcade Fire Boxes in Austin on Everything Now Tour

    Canada’s husband and wife team that makes up Arcade Fire Régine Chassagne and Win Butler returned to Austin. This year’s tour was at UT’s Frank Erwin Center. Even without the massive set and theme (from which the entire concert and tour revolves around) the band continues their status as one of the top bands in the World.

    Despite Butler playing in the direct center of the stage most of the set, Régine really stole the show. From her sexy red, leather suit to his tall build with hat and guitar- this show was high energy from the start. With a boxing ring as the stage (complete with ropes, ref and attire) there was also sparring, and introduction, parade to the stage the musicians showed off their acting skills as well. The announcer yells “Welcome the undisputed Heavyweight Champions of the World!”

    There were cool globes hanging down (and in corners), huge laser lights, and a 360 revolving stage. The large logo of EN (for the 2017 LP Everything Now) was everywhere. o8mt8isate6bv2q7yeelyyc3_8245The band created buzz long before the tour by using the web and social media to spread fake news and product brands all to spoof our ultra-consumerism and technology-dependent lifestyles. Visit the EN website NOW.

    On many of the songs, Chassagne had an EDM-sounding vocal and at times she danced a planned-robot-like choreography. She switched effortlessly from guitar to accordion to keyboards and vocals. The album is deep, cynical and morbid at times but mostly thought-provoking and existential. Stand-out songs include “Put Your Money on Me”, “Electric Blue”, and top catalog tracks.

    The set showcased the new sound for AC of electronica and dance even more so than Reflektor (in the past their sound focused on indie rock) and included an extra-terrestrial vibe and sound with stellar green laser lights. The show seemed almost disco at times, with many mirror balls. There were cool videos on the screen. There was plenty of percussion and the drums also rotated. There were layers upon layers of sounds that created a massive richness to the set despite the EDM-esque tracks.

    The Butler brothers are doing what they can to help Houston with hurricane relief as they are originally from there (Win attended school in The Woodlands). This is definitely a top show to see this year. The band looks to have a stellar and long career ahead.

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  • Music Legend Joe Walsh at Majestic Theater San Antonio

    Grammy winner and legendary guitarist Joe Walsh who is also on many top lists for best all-time guitarists- stopped by San Antonio on his current 2017 Solo Tour. Walsh was also inducted into the RockandRoll Hall of Fame with his Eagles bandmates in 1998 (read more at Hall of Fame)

    final-02075.jpgWe’ve had the privilege of recently shooting other Eagles members Don Felder, and Don Henley (sadly Glenn Frey died last year in a horrible year for music losses). The Eagles recently announced they will be performing together again on a limited (so far) tour with Glen’s son Deacon Frey.  Although they started as a country band, their fame came from 1970s rock n roll. Their first was Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) released in 1976 and is among the best-selling albums of all time, having sold more than 26 million copies. It was the first album to be certified platinum. Top hits include “Life in The Fast Lane”, ‘Life’s Been Good’ ‘Tequila Sunrise’, ‘Hotel California’ and more (many of which Walsh wrote or co-wrote). Joe helped the Eagles develop a more rock, less country sound.

    Joe’s guitarsmanshipfinal-02136.jpg and music style have evolved much over the years with a key era in the Rocky Mountains where he moved to create his own new music and recorded at the now famous Caribou Ranch and where you can picture the landscape as he sings “Rocky Mountain Way”. Joe has been so consistent as a musician, writing and recording new music after the breakup of each of his bands. Music has apparently been in his home and in his blood- his middle name is Fidler, and his wife’s last name is Bach! 

    There appears to be a current resurgence and demand for great rock n’ roll music. Walsh is in high demand these days in a variety of roles. Kicking addiction since 1994, his stock just keeps going up. He’s been quoted as saying “My message is there is life after addiction, and it’s really good,” he said. At almost 70, he doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. He’s played with so many great bands and loved by so many great musicians including Jimmy Page and is now an honorary member of the Foo Fighters. Earlier this year he played with another amazing guitarist, Gary Clark Jr. in Clark’s hometown, Austin.
    See our full concert photo gallery and more on Austin 101.

    After touring in 2016, co-headlining with Bad Company, he decided to embark on his solo tour. His tour has been very successful with standing ovations and sing alongs to some of the best music ever. In today’s crazy world, we long for younger days and amazing music and this show gave us that escape. The Majestic Theater in downtown San Antonio is one of those special places to see an icon like Walsh- it’s smaller than many venues on his tour -it seats less than 2,300 and Seattle’s Safeco Field is where the Seattle Seahawks play and seats almost 48,000- but is such a cooler show and vibe filled with important historic and cultural diversity. Only die-hard fans allowed.

    joeWalsh has over forty years of touring to draw from. He performed many long solos during the show still jams like the good old days and despite his occasional brain fart on some lyrics (which he admitted)–he sounds great. Seeing him live was so epic and emotional, we couldn’t help look at each other and say “Oh my God” or “Holy crap!”. At other times fans were completely speechless in awe of what they were witnessing. There are still times when he appears to be so deep in playing that he almost forgets he’s on stage.

    The set list pleased everyone who wanted to hear the Eagles Greatest Hits, some original songs, and major guitars skills and long solos. You know the show is epic when the merchandise table sells out of all the shirts and no-one leaves before the encore to beat the traffic. If your curious to see all the songs in the show, see the full setlist.

    Walsh still has some show dates on the tour, his House of Blues shows in Vegas, and the new Eagles shows starting in October in Greensboro, then Atlanta, Louisville, Detroit. Go to Events . If you still can’t get enough of Walsh these days, you can hear him on The Beatles Channel on Sirius XM telling stories of the band and his favorite songs.


  • Ed Sheeran Concert Review at AT&T Center

    by Jerri Starbuck and Michael Mullenix

    When Sheeran took the stage, he was met with a roaring cheer from the sold-out AT&T Center in San Antonio. Launching into the hit song ‘Castle On The Hill’ from his latest album Divide (2017), his stage lit up with lights and cameras and electrified the room.

    Ed Sheeran - AT&T Center 2017 10Watching Grammy & Brit Award winner, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran spin an intricate and elaborate melody with looping sounds, and mostly a sole acoustic guitar is a new level of genius. The musics’ simplicity and relatability is a huge part of his success. A large portion of his set was focused on Divide with new hits such as ‘Eraser’, ‘Dive’, ‘Galway Girl’, and of course the ‘Shape Of You’ (which broke records for most weeks on Billboard Hot 100 Top 10-over 14 weeks at No.1) making it’s spot in rousing encores.

    Ed Sheeran - AT&T Center 2017 4See our full photo gallery from the show on Austin 101 Magazine.

    According to Billboard Magazine, in addition to its Hot 100 reign, “Shape” topped the Radio Songs chart for 12 weeks, Digital Song Sales for 10 weeks and Streaming Songs for four frames. It has drawn 813 million on-demand U.S. audio and video streams and sold over 2.3 million downloads according to Nielsen Music, while its cumulative radio audio audience reach has surpassed over 4.6 billion impressions. It’s already the top selling Album of 2017 (and was after just one week after the debut). He’s only 26 years old, folks.

    Ed also peppered in some mainstays like ‘Bloodstream’ and ‘Thinking Out Loud’ from the 2014 album X. Remember Sheeran’s music video where he went all in and took dance lessons and starred in it? So memorable and shows he’s adventurous and willing to try new things.

    A notable moment in the show came when one gentleman in the audience used the song ‘Photograph’ as the moment to propose to his girlfriend (SHE SAID YES!). The moment drew enough attention that even Ed noticed, congratulating the recently engaged couple and dedicating the next song, ‘Perfect’ to them.

    Curious what the set list looks like on his tour? Here are some statistics and the actual setlist from San Antonio. It’s hard to pick Sheeran’s top songs since he’s had so many over his brief years. See if you agree with Billboard’s best songs.

    Sheeran’s success as a top selling artist is also partly due to his likability- he’s a down to earth, humble kid from Suffolk, UK who is personable and relatable. He’s adorable like a teddy bear (with gnarly tattoos). His two year break -and distancing from social media (Check this) -is just one of those things that make fans love him even more. The fact that he’s had a cameo on TV’s top-rated Game of Thrones (HBO) doesn’t hurt either.

    James Blunt

    Setting the tone of the night James Blunt took the stage and immediately started in on a set of songs from his new album, ‘The Afterlove‘. Making a joke about the crowd being a test audience for his new material he played through ‘Time Of Our Lives’, ‘Someone Singing Along’, and ‘Don’t Give Me Those Eyes’. Blunt has a tremendous voice and between songs was no stranger to self-deprecating humor about his popularity in America compared to Sheeran’s, which usually was met with a cry of “You’re Beautiful” from the audience-the hit song he played shortly after.




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  • Zac Brown Band at ACL Live Taping Review

    by Michael Mullenix
    On August 3rd, the Austin City Limits Moody Theater welcomed the Zac Brown band-one of music’s biggest live bands- to celebrate their latest record Welcome Home with a live taping of the PBS Tv show (the longest running music show). This was the band’s ACL TV debut and they came to enchant the crowd with hit country ballads (and some rock n’ roll). Grammy-award winning, multi-platinum Zac Brown Band has been a huge force since the 2008’s album, The Foundation.  The front row fans were treated to a huge show that we can’t wait to see air next season on PBS in the fall.


    Photo by Scott Newton

    From the beginning of the show, the mood was set when the band
    opened up on Homegrown, invoking the spirit of the American southland. The show then shifted over to the new single Family Table the new album.

    Zac Brown continues to separates himself from the majority of his current country music contemporaries. He’s able to craft pop anthems from more folk-ish influences reminiscent of artists like The Allman Brothers and Neil Young.

    The band performed Free that transitioned into Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic,” which seemed to be a great tie-in to Brown’s music. He poured through incredible gems of his
    short career such as Quiet Your Mind, Sweet Annie, and Roots. If there is any downside in his set list, it’s the way his momentum is somewhat unable to
    bounce back from his slower more emotional songs. After more tearful entries like
    My Old Man, Goodbye In Her Eyes, and Colder Weather, the set list is unable to really
    regain an upwards direction and recover in renditions of Roots and even 2 Places At
    1 Time. All in all though, it seems like a petty complaint that his songs “have too
    much heart behind them.”

    Zac Brown closed out the encore on his definitive hit Chicken Fried, and
    strangely a cover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman. The cover reflected the more
    metallic version, and though fun, definitely seemed like the odd send-off to a truly
    heart-felt country evening. Probably due to the televised nature of a live tv-show
    taping, that certain hits were omitted such as Loving You Easy and Toes.
    The entire set went on for an hour and a half it was an incredible collection
    of his career and only speaks to the depth of talent that such omissions are still even plausible.

    The fact that he honored our American veterans by bringing one vet on stage to honor them, is a testament to Brown’s heart, passion, and patriotism. It makes us love him even more. Stay tuned for our coverage of the upcoming concert at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin in September.

    Read the full show recap at acltv.

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