Concert Review: Thirty Seconds to Mars – Houston

by Jason Bollenbacher

In support of Monolith, the duo of Shannon and Jared Leto stopped in Houston for their 2018 tour. A giant black box. Lights began to dance through the cracks as Thirty Seconds to Mars show began at Houston’s Cynthia Woodlands Pavilion.  Slowly rising, you could make out silhouettes of Jared Leto standing and his brother Shannon at the drums on stage.  CgLfVy6AA blank canvas and a drum set, is how you would describe the stage for the Thirty Seconds to Mars show.  No microphones. No guitarists. No bass players.  Just a drum kit on a stage, drowned within a box of light as a monolith instrumental played.  A scene you would expect to see as a display for an art museum set the stage. See our full photo gallery.

l17Fk49AJared stopped, frozen, for what seemed like an eternity, to the crowds deafening cheers.  Leto exploded into dance as the first beat of Up in the Air hit.  Jared wore a flamboyant, orange kimono-like ensemble with sunglasses, hair pulled back, red track pants & shoes, and dark beard as he bounded across the stage.  Every song added to the Broadway-type production as lighted balls were brought out to be tossed through the audience.  Ending his performance he invited some of the attendees on stage while he performed.  Lucky them! Then confetti filled the air.


The show is a must see for any Leto or 30STM fans. It’s an incredible experience.

Set list

  1. Up in the Air
  2. Kings and Queens
  3. This Is War
  4. Dangerous Night
  5. Do or Die
  6. Hail to the Victor
  7. Great Wide Open
  8. Rescue Me
  9. Pyres of Varanasi
  10. Remedy
  11. The Kill (Bury Me)
  12. Walk on Water
  13. Closer to the Edge