• Milky Chance at Emo’s Austin
  • Reckless Kelly w/Powell Brothers at Floores Country Store, Texas
  • Legend Alejandro Escovedo w/ Special Guests at ACL Live
  • Josh Ritter at ACL Live
  • The Absolute Best Concerts of 2017

    Man we covered a ton of shows this year! The most shows, the coolest shows and the biggest shows. A few were disappointments but many made it to our List including Ed Sheeran, U2, The Weeknd and others (we tried hard to keep it to a Top Ten list but we failed miserably). We could have included so many more concerts but were especially looking at the show/stage production visuals, sound, crowd vibe (and not just the artist caliber, etc.). You can see all our concert photos and reviews on Austin 101.

    Shows we’re bummed we missed: So many shows might have made it to the top but we didn’t cover either because the artist didn’t allow photographers, the tour canceled, we couldn’t make it to the venue, or perhaps they didn’t come near Austin, Texas our home base. Coldplay (due to Hurricane Harvey), Bruno Mars, Tom Petty, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fleet Foxes, Greta Van Fleet, Guns N’ Roses, Depeche mode, Harry Styles, Pete Townsend, Kesha, Jay-Z, Metallica and more.

    Our list:


    Bono and gang have been at this for decades and this Joshua Tree Anniversary tour was highly anticipated and it delivered in a huge way. The gang proves why they have been as one of the ‘Top Bands of All Time’ list for decades. The stage, videos on-screen, and the way Bono jumps onto the drum set makes any U2 show visually awesome. From photos of Joshua Tree to war and social injustice the group continues to stand for something. The fact that these guys are all alive, doing well, still together and continue to make great music and evolve is a gift. If you missed it, they’re already selling tickets to their 2018 Innocence and Experience tour.

    The Weeknd


    This Canadian can put on an unforgettable performance. The set and stage itself was the biggest, most elaborate and probably the most expensive we saw all year. For the acclaimed Starboy World Tour there was an epic spaceship looming over the stage like from Star Wars and he emerged from below. The set design was by Es Devlin combing origami and futuristic destroyer that moved up and down melding analog music with futuristic electronica. Other times he appeared as a hologram under green laser lights. What’s amazing is during this mega set, The Weeknd creates an intimate atmosphere connecting with fans along the stage. The tour was so successful, a second fall leg was added.

    Dead and Companyfinal-0386

    This modern melding of newbies John Mayer, Otiel Burbridge, Jeff Chimenti playing with original Grateful Dead members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Krautzmann is a sight to behold. The entire show is an omage to the peace and love movement in the sixties. A plethora of tie-die, reefer, and Deadheads touring with the band feels like a resurgence of that time. The visuals were complete with psychodelic kaleidoscope, LSD-enhanced images to match the mood of the music. Those originally hesitant about Mayer’s ability to fill in for Jerry Garcia became believers after seeing him perform live.

    Ed SheeranEd Sheeran - AT&T Center 2017 10

    Ed skipped Austin this time so we caught him in San Antonio and it was one of the most anticipated tours  and returns due to his several year hiatus. The Platinum-winning Sheeran dropped huge tracks early in the year hitting #1 with Shape of You and Castle on the Hill. Recently releasing the acclaimed  #1 Perfect duet with Beyonce clinches his year and his album Divide was nominated recently for several Grammys. We love him even more for the kind, amazing person and artist he is and for his taking time away from the social media haze (more than once taking a year or more on an intentional break).

    Janet JacksonJanet Jackson - AT&T Center 2017 5

    Another of our most anticipated returns (made longer by her pregnancy at 50 and postponing the tour) Janet did not disappoint. The fact she was one of the biggest stars in the 80’s (big hits like Rhythm Nation) and is the youngest from the legendary Jackson clan, we knew this was a must-see show. She looked amazing and sounded vibrant. Promoting her Unbreakable album (2015) this artist, like U2 and others, shows social injustice, war and other current issues on large LED screens as part of the dialogue of the show. With great back-up singers, choreography and sharp dancers it’s like she hadn’t been away at all.

    Pitbull/Enrique Iglesiasfinal-9485

    These two headliners each pulled off epic full sets complete with pyrotechnics and ethnic dancers. The stage production was one of the biggest of the year and they each used the complete long distance of the stages on ever side. This was by far one of the loudest shows we covered all year. Both ooze personality, sexiness and energy. It was a serious cardio adventure the entire night.

    Chris StapletonCHRIS-STAPLETON-2017-1020-087 (1)

    Winning pretty much every award in the last couple years, Stapleton has made a name for himself in country music not just as an A lister songwriter. Performing alongside his wife, he’s a staple on all the prime-time music award shows. A long-haired rocker in a cowboy hat. His hit “Tennessee Whiskey” isn’t his only one. He’s co-written six #1 songs for Kenny Chesney, George Strait, and more). His sound is deep and totally unique.

    John Mayer


    We got lucky to cover Mayer twice this year, once early in the year on his highly successful solo tour and then recently for the last show of 2017 with Dead and Company (Mayer had emergency Appendix surgery postponing remaining December shows). No longer the uppity kid from Connecticut with a major ego, he’s now more mature and his guitar skills shine more and his shows do too. He’s often regarded in iconic musician guitar circles as one of the best in around.

    Florida Georgia Line with NellyFlorida Georgia Line - Austin360 17

    Like many artists these days, the multi-award winning FGL country-music duo collaborated on tour. This time with 90’s R&B/hip-hop legend Nelly for a great show in Austin at COTA. The light show and sound were incredible and the crowd loved the genre-mixing cross-over show.

    Lady Gaga 

    Lady Gaga "Joanne" World Tour Opener - Vancouver

    Although meticulously organized and planned, Mother Monster effortlessly broke away from the show’s script to bond with her Little Monsters.  At one point, Gaga saw a drawing that one of her fans held in the audience portraying her and her late friend Sonja Durham.  She paused to retrieve the art-piece and began reminiscing about her friend that passed away in May after battling breast cancer as she followed with a heart-felt rendition of “Edge of Glory”. Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.


    final-0267Another music legend graced Austin this year. Sting is one of the lucky solo careers blazed from an epic band. He’s never looked better or fitter (or sexier). His show was not only packed with his famous hits like “Walking on the Moon” and 80’s single #Englishman in New York”, but with new hit ballad “The Empty Chair” which was a chilling tribute from the Oscar-nominated song from the movie “Jim-The James Foley Story”. The story is a documentary about the life of the American photo-journalist killed by terrorists.

    Joe Walshfinal-02075

    This Eagles’ legend (now playing with the re-formed group) put on a helluva show during his solo tour. Still looks and sounds like a rock star. He’s been called one of rock’s greatest guitarists and we saw first hand how incredible and intimate his playing is. At times he seems to forget he’s in the middle of a sold-out performance and just jams on. Walsh is so iconic that he plays with greats like Ringo Starr, Tom Petty, Foo Fighters, The Eagles, The Who, John Mayer and more. The concert was transcendent. One of the most engaging and energetic shows we saw this year, we were taken back in time to his Colorado 70’s hit “Rocky Mountain Way” and “Life’s Been Good”.


    Sold-out in San Antonio, this sexy rock legend is fit and sounds as good as ever. Long jams and tons of crowd interaction made this venue electric from start to finish. We were totally impressed with the Carlos’ cardio endurance and epic guitar riffs. Hopping to Vegas for his House of Blues Residency keeps him playing constantly and on top of his game-fresh and sharp. He played all the great 70’s, 80’s, 90’s hits like “Black Magic Woman”, “Smooth”, and “Maria Maria” with high-volume crowd sing-alongs. This show left an impression on us for days.

    Kiefer Sutherland


    We were lucky in Austin to be a stop on this amazing tour. Few besides die-hard fans know he’s been a musician for some time. In between filming his hit show Designated Survivor, he manages to do a full-on tour. This show was a sold-out intimate setting at the hip 3Ten (part of ACL Live) for only a few hundred. Switching from acoustic to electric throughout the show, he tells intimate stories of meeting Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and other legends. His Americana sound is influenced by many and he looks the part too.

    George Clinton’s Funkadelic

    George Clinton-0726_preview

    This show was so huge, it lasted 3 days! It was part of Austin’s hip Empire Control Room’s “Funkiversary”  4 year Anniversary celebration with Dam Funk. The small setting was electric and filled with the coolness of funk-music legend Clinton and sexy dancers. The crowd and show was off the hook and we were all exhausted by the end. (Photo: Nick Berard).


    Mastodon - SXSW 2017 9

    We had to include some legendary metal bands to our ‘Best of’ list. These guys can still rock and have the full beards and hair to prove it. Guitar mastery is profound throughout this show. Metal-heads were in full costume and delighted that metal is not dead in Austin. Long-haired, mosh pit, skull-crushing music-lovers were in metal heaven.

    PJ Harvey


    This show was one of the most highly anticipated in Austin for the entire year. Harvey’s a top songwriter and hasn’t played in the U.S. in many years. PJ brought her 10-piece band to only four sold-out U.S. tour stops. Playing to sold-out legendary Austin venue Stubb’s Amphitheater, the buzz turned out to be authentic and accurate. From decades ago opening for bands like U2, Harvey has mastered her unique sound with choreographed moves and adding playing saxophone to her many talents.

    Runner ups: Trey Anastasio, Grace Potter, KaleoDierks Bentley, Tori Amos, Blink 182, Alt-J, Wiz Khalifa, Buckingham and McVie, Dead Kennedys, Japandroids, Arcade Fire, Don Henley, St Paul and the Broken Bones, Bush, Stevie Nicks and Pretenders, Ringo Starr, Lukas Nelson, Donald Fagen, Don Felder, Styx, Coheed & Cambria, iHeart Country Music Festival.


  • The King and I Brings New Production to Bass Concert Hall

    unnamedTHE KING AND I, by Laurie Peckins

    ‘The King and I’ premiered in the James Theatre on Broadway in 1951 with Gertrude Lawrence and Yul Bryner in the original lead roles. It was the largest live production with a cast of 51 actors/dancers and 29 musicians. The percussion section had over 30 instruments with only one percussionist. This was the sixth collaboration from Rogers and Hammerstein. The Ambassador Theatre Group is the top live theatre company taking The King and I on a revival tour since 2015. Broadway Across America along with The Texas Performing Arts at the University of Texas present a revival tour with the Ambassador Theatre Group and NETworks presentations. Under the direction of Bartlett Sherr this production has received four Tony Awards since 2015 and great success.

    Jose Llana and Laura Michelle Kelly in Rodgers & Hammerstein's The King and I.  Photo by Matthew Murphy.jpgThe lead roles played by Jose Llana and Laura Michelle Kelly were excellent.
    The costumes and sets were elegant with several major scene changes. The choreography originally by Jerome Robbins was graceful and enchanting, especially in the two show-stoppers with the children.

    The musical is based on a novel Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon. The story begins with the arrival of Mrs. Anna Leonowens and her son to a new country with the promise of a new job and a home. As Anna embarks upon her new responsibility to teach all 37 of King Mongkut’s children, she sings ‘Whistle a Happy Tune’ to help calm her apprehension about the challenges she will encounter in her new life. After some initial formalities, the royal children arrive and enchant the audience with the ‘March of the Siamese children’.

    Laura Michelle Kelly and Jose Llana in Rodgers & Hammerstein's The King and I. Photo by Matthew Murphy.jpgThe political and cultural differences between the King and Mrs. Anna were the prominent focus of the story. Mixed in with the fun and banter between the King and Anna was the outrage of an educated and modern-thinking woman accepting the traditions of polygamy and oppression by a “barbaric” King in a powerful monarchy in the 1860’s. The King had summoned Mrs. Leonowens not only to teach his children, but to help improve his image in the world, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

    Laura Michelle Kelly as Anna in Rodgers & Hammerstein's The King and I. Photo by Matthew Murphy.jpgIn the classroom Anna sings ‘Getting to Know You’ which represents the inevitable influence and cultural changes that will result from Anna’s presence and her modern ideas and worldly knowledge.

    Tuptim enters to offer Lua Tha to the King as his newest gift from Burma, to become his 9th wife. As the scene ends, Anna sings Hello Young Lovers. In the next scene, Tuptim and Lua Tha sing We Kiss in a Shadow to introduce the audience to their secret and forbidden relationship.

    ‘Western People Funny’ opens Act 2 with the King poking fun at all of our western customs and attire. “The Small House of Uncle Thomas” is the result of the King demanding the children be taught European traditions after hearing a rumor that he is considered a barbarian. Sir Edward Ramsey arrives from England for the play within a play. The references to President Lincoln and Uncle Tom’s Cabin represent the curiosity and playful reluctance the King has to the abolition of slavery and western ideology. The mention of France colonizing Cambodia emphasizes the independence and territorial importance of Siam remaining the only territory in the region that was never colonized by the Europeans.

    The reprise of ‘Hello Young Lovers ‘foreshadows the upcoming conflict of indescretion and the death of Tuptim. As the King and Anna end the playful
    ‘Shall We Dance’, the King is informed of the death of Tuptim. As the King orders Lua to a whipping, Anna calls the King a “barbarian” and storms out of the palace as she cannot compromise her values and work for the King any longer.

    Months later, with the news of the King’s declining health and looming death, Anna returns to the palace to see the King. The reprise of ‘Whistle a Happy Tune’ symbolizes the apprehension of the eldest son who becomes the new king. As a result of Anna’s lessons and western influence, some interesting cultural changes occur, which leaves us with a sense of hope for the newly transformed leader of the Siamese people.

  • Dead Kennedys Brought Punk Back to Austin
  • Music and Memories Show with Marc Broussard, Reed Turner at Paramount Austin
  • Turnpike Troubadours w. Cody Crockett Rocked Texas

    by Denise Enriquez

  • Dead and Company Bring 60’s Festival Atmosphere to Austin

    It’s been over 30 years since the Dead were here, so it’s been a long wait for Texas Deadheads. Yes, what a ‘long, strange trip it’s been‘ (and continues to be). The Dead & Company current mix  has been together two years and the buzz is it’s the best one ever. The band includes original members Bob Weir– guitar, Mickey Hart-drums, Bill Kreutzmann– drums, plus Mayer– guitar, Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band)- bass, Jeff Chimenti -Keyboards/Piano. The fact there have always been two drummers is quite unique and part of their success. With the original members over 70, and John at final-026340 there’s an age spread but Mayer brings youthfulness and energy (not to mention acclaimed guitar playing) that binds them. The only real visual differences were Weirs gray hair and Birkenstocks, and Mayer’s nice black kicks, Nike since he’s now a collaborator/designer, and no gray hair (yet). Although no one can ever replace Jerry Garcia, Mayer fills in with ease. For those still on the fence about Mayer, seeing him live they became true believers after the first set.  Mayer isn’t the guy we knew a few years ago. He’s matured. You might say he’s so mature now that he’s playing with these legends (or is it the other way-Mayer injecting energy into these legends to keep them going?). He’s come a long way since the cocky, self-diagnosed egomaniac version in his 30s. After much bad press and self-imposed, silent exile in Montana recovering from throat surgery, he’s emerged a more thoughtful, respectful and humble person/artist. His heartfelt post on his Instagram page is a worthy read even if you don’t love social media: “This band has developed a soul all its own but I play in constant emotional, psychological and musical deference to Jerry Garcia”. Beautifully written and perhaps geared just as much, if not more, towards his band mates as to deadhead fans. Mayer just finished his own tour and posted on Instagram that his upcoming New Year’s Eve show will be his last solo gig for a while, hinting it’s better to be part of a group than go it alone.final-0166

    Bob also finished a solo tour (for his 2016 album) and sounds fantastic and looks healthy, on top of his game. Looking a bit more like Garcia these days, thank God Weir is recovered from various addictions (drugs, painkillers, etc.) and is still here. He’s been open in interviews about past LSD and other drug experimentation. The longevity and endurance he’s had for almost 50 years in the band (he was only 16 when he joined) is likely a record. He’s hinted at getting the current guys to ride on the same bus together to get the same inspiration, collaboration and feel of the old days of Grateful Dead tours. His bio movie, “The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip of Bob Weir”, shows a lot of what his life was like on the road with the band and is a must see for fans.

    The show started slow and chill with “Jack Straw” but gathered energy and momentum almost with every song. There is dancing and spinning, tons of reefer smoke, and an unexplainable momentum of crowd energy that builds up during a song that reverberates throughout the arena. The show was jam-packed and ran 4 hours with 2 full sets and an intermission.  Showcasing their timeless lyrics, simple words, and more jam than actual lyrics- it was heaven for true music/jam-band lovers. Jam band followers (think Phish, Widespread Panic, Dave Matthews Band) like to get lost in the music, final-0510appreciating musical talents, the imagery on-screen, really feeling or experiencing a show without being bogged down by lyrics. Mayer completely gets into a song  and it’s fun to watch his many facial expressions as he loses himself.

    The set list was truly unique and diehard fans loved it. We talked to serious Deadhead (over 50 shows) that were in heaven and had high praise for Mayer who had won them over watching him live. All the songs were from the original Grateful Dead catalog so it was nostalgic and euphoric and not a complete surprise. Newbies don’t know that not every show has big hits like “Truckin” and the set is completely different at every show, no two shows are the same. It’s their thing. It must take the band countless hours to create such unique and special set lists for the tour considering the vastness of the catalog. There was “Uncle John’s Band” for those that longed for the biggest hits. Mayer played a jammin’ “Ramble On Rose”. The two continued to trade the lead singer role throughout.

    Visually the show is amazing with a cool ethereal, psychedelic, kaleidoscope of video and matching sounds. During one song, a tribute to Garcia when his head appeared on one of the klaidascope images on screen. The sun is a main focus and the lights were incredible, a full spectrum of yellow to purples and blues. There was a cool drum solo on vertical drums with Mayer filming from behind on his instagram live. The stage was massive and they needed it. Beautiful ethnic rugs on the floor, huge drum sets and a large piano and keyboard.

    s-l1600Being at this show is nostalgic and is an entirely new level of coolness. It takes you right back to the 60s peace and love movement. There is much of the same in society now with political unrest, social injustice, vast grass-roots movements. There were plenty of headbands, long hair, Garcia lookalikes, and an obsession of tie-die shirts. Just like the sixties, a full hippie festival was being held before the show in a park near the arena with vendor tents, Deadhead items for sale, a chill vibe, and good tunes.There’s plenty of memorabilia for the serious collector. Like before, diehard Deadhead fans following the band were outside the arena begging for tickets to the show. There were many groups of guys, buddies attending their billionth show together and being as in awe as ever before, remarkable. This show will definitely rank near the top of our “BEST CONCERTS OF 2017” out soon.

    Notes: What we didn’t know at the time of the show was that Mayer would have emergency appendix surgery a few days later and the remaining shows were rescheduled for early 2018 giving the band an early break for the holidays. Also, each Dead show has had a special meeting for drug/alcohol free people at each show-they’re called Wharf Rats, named after a Grateful Dead song about a down-and-out wino. The band would originally allow them to set up a table at the concert and the band embraced them because Grateful Dead shows  can be tempting for addicts. They call themselves ‘sober hippies’. Now you can find them at a table with yellow balloons to get the support you need in a ‘slippery environment’.

    Set list:

    Set One:

    Jack Straw

    Cold Rain & Snow

    Minglewood Blues

    Next Time You See Me

    Ramble On Rose

    If I Had The World To Give


    Set Two:

    China Cat Sunflower

    I Know You Rider

    Dark Star

    The Other One



    Uncle John’s Band

    St. Stephen

    Morning Dew


    One More Saturday Night

  • Kelly Clarkson, Rachel Platten at Austins’ Mix 94.7 Merry Mix Show
  • Lady Gaga’s Joanne World Tour Concert One of the Best of 2017

    by Denise Enriquez (photos provided by Getty Images)

    We heard great things about this tour but our high expectations were blown away. From her epic Super Bowl halftime show, her “Five Foot Two” documentary to her Born This Way Foundation and wildly successful 2017 Tour -she hasn’t stopped working. Joanne is her middle name and the name of her aunt (who died at age 19 from Lupus) and also the name of her fifth studio album and current tour.  As Lady Gaga (Stefani) explained to her fans during her Austin, Texas performance at the Frank Erwin Center last week – the name Joanne has multiple layers of meanings to her and is one of the most important in her life.

    gaga2.jpgThis tour/album is a tribute to her aunt and a healing for her family that has grieved over the devastating loss for so many years, especially her dad. She said she wanted to do something more personal and meaningfulwith this album and that she grew during the emotional times working in the studio and actually becoming Joanne herself. She’s emerged from a rough period of heartbreak (from split with her fiance and several losses) and used her pain to create this uniquely personal show. Later in the show she introduced her mom in the crowd which made it even more special.

    The concert had a late start, billed to begin at 7:30pm – the performance didn’t get underway until after 9pm (due to a repair issue).  The crowd didn’t seem to mind, allowing them more time to mingle and admire each other’s colorful outfits and their staple pink wide-brim hats, replicas of the hat Lady Gaga donned on the Joanne album cover.  The production was well worth the wait, arranged into seven acts incorporating old and new material, mixing both fast tempo choreographed dance songs with slow solo ensembles performed at her colorful piano. The set was the biggest we’ve seen this year (with the possible exception of The Weeknd’s Starboy show starship).

    gagaVisually, every moment was massively entertaining. Gaga’s multiple elaborate wardrobe changes, the entrancing pyro-technics, the huge floating screens above the crowd that later revealed themselves to be bridges that connected the main stage to a center platform and a back stage left everyone in a state of “what could possibly be next?”.There were epic lights and fans showing digital lighters that added to the stunning visuals of this show. The production was very detailed, well thought out and flowed naturally while Gaga’s physical endurance was in full display as she gracefully knocked out two hours of intense cardio. She looked and sounded impeccable. Flawless.

    Although meticulously organized and planned, Mother Monster effortlessly broke away from the show’s script to bond with her Little Monsters.  At one point, Gaga saw a drawing that one of her fans held in the audience portraying her and her late friend Sonja Durham.  She paused to retrieve the art-piece and began reminiscing about her friend that passed away in May after battling breast cancer as she followed with a heart-felt rendition of “Edge of Glory”.

    Another break in the show’s schedule came after “Bad Romance” when Gaga picked up and read aloud a note thrown onstage by a fan, a “Monster Gram”.  The fan explained how she suffered from chronic pain which is so isolating and is inspired by Gaga’s determination and strength to overcome her own severe chronic pain condition. Her note ended with her realization that not only Gaga is strong, but “so the f*** am I”. Gaga proceeded to come into the crowd, hug the woman and sign her arm.

    Lady Gaga also pledged her love and support for Texas, following this year’s devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the recent tragedy of Sutherland Springs.  “Be brave Texas, you’ve had a hard year and we’re all with you.”  The reciprocated love for Gaga was in abundance in the state’s capital that evening. It was unforgettable and one of our picks for the ‘BEST SHOW OF 2017’.

    Set List:

    • ACT I
      • Diamond Heart
      • A-Yo
      • Poker Face
      • Perfect Illusion
    • ACT II
      • John Wayne
      • Scheibe
      • Alejandro
    • ACT III
      • Just Dance
      • Love Game
      • Telephone
    • ACT IV
      • Applause
      • Come To Mama
      • The Edge of Glory
      • Born This Way
    • ACT V
      • Bloody Mary
      • Dancin’ In Circles
      • Paparazzi
    • ACT VI
      • Angel Down
      • Joanne
    • ACT VII
      • Bad Romance
      • The Cure
    • ENCORE
      • Million Reasons
  • The Eagles & Pocos Timothy B. Schmidt at Sold Out Austin Show
  • AlterBridge in San Antonio Texas
  • Candlebox With For Whom It May Rocked Belmont Austin
  • Dead and Company Brings Deadheads to Austin Texas


  • Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull Live! Review

    by Malcom Thomas

    Grammy award-winning singer Enrique Iglesias and rapper Pitbull brought some Latin heat to the city of Austin in their latest performance on their successful tour.  The show was originally scheduled for September but out of courtesy for the devastating hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico they postponed the date. Both have been involved in helping people affected (Pitbull is from Miami). These hot performers gave attendees something to be thankful for (the show was the night before Thanksgiving) and entertainment to take their minds of a difficult year in our country. This production and tour is one of the largest we’ve seen- with massive laser show, mega-lighting, and pyrotechnics. The cool graphics showing on the mega-screen added to the entire experience. See our full concert photo gallery.

    Iglesias showed off his leather pants, baseball cap and combat boots and serenaded the crowd with a few of his hits. He got super close to the audience using all of the huge stage, catwalks. He even brought a fan on stage (Luis) whom he met last year at the Latin Grammys and promised him a chance to sing with him and he did. He even let him sing a song with him and share shots of Tequila on stage. Another special moment was shared when Iglesias had everyone put their lights up for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. “Texas, we will stand by you forever” – he said.

    The suave and smooth Pitbull captivated the audiences’ attention with his dashing suit, sweet dance moves, and magnificent performance. He strikes killer poses and his signature smile. He always dresses high-class in a suit and works up a sweat fast. His amazing female dancers move around him all night like they are his entourage. People were definitely feeling the moment with his performed throwback hits: “Don’t Stop The Party”, “Timber”, and “I know you want me.” Pitbull paid a tribute to Austin as being the leader in innovation and listing how much it has grown since his first time visiting years ago when he performed with Bun B at SXSW. He often stopped during the show to talk, share his motivation and inspire the younger generation. He is well-known for working his way up from nothing and sharing his story. He also left a message that resonated with fans saying ‘Don’t worry about your likes and followers. Worry about being you, being a leader, and helping people.’ This will definitely be included in our “Best Shows of 2017” so check back for that on Austin101.

    Although the tour ended, if you still want to catch Pitbull live in concert, he starts his Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood in January.

  • Lupe Fiasco Drops a Hot Set at Belmont Austin
  • Enrique Iglesias Pitbull Live! Show is One of the Year’s Best
  • Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias Return to Austin Together

    EventGraphic_EnriquePitbull_400x400_v4It’s been several years since either has performed in Austin. Pitbull was part of the 2013 Formula One music lineup at Circuit of the Americas. This year’s collaboration on the Enrique and Pitbull Live! 2017 Tour in November at Frank Erwin Center was rescheduled from September due to Hurricane Harvey. Both have been involved in helping those affected in Texas as well as Puerto Rico and Florida. These Grammy-winning stars seem to never stop. Pitbull released the album ‘Climate Change’ in 2016 and Enrique recently won top awards at the Latin Grammy Awards.

    Since Iglesias has an Austin connection to legend Willie Nelson, this show should be special. The duo of Nelson and Julio Iglesias (Enrique’s father) topped charts with their 1984 version of “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”. It was also a breakthrough for diversity collaboration.

    There should be no shortage of sexiness, screaming fangirls, and dancers and the stage production and light show looks amazing. This should be one of the top concerts of the year.

    Tickets are still available online and the show starts at 7:30PM at UT’s Frank Erwin Center.